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- Lignite (a type of coal) power plant located in Hallsville, TX. NTEC owns 11.72% of the total plant or 79 MW.
Dolet Hills
- Lignite power plant located in Mansfield, LA. NTEC owns 5.86% of the total plant or 38 MW
Harrison County
- Combined cycle natural gas fired power plant located in Marshall, TX. NTEC owns 55% of total plant or 302 MW

Grant Wind

- Wind power project located in Grant County, OK. NTEC owns 50.6 MW of the project.

Redbed Plains Wind Farm
- The Redbed Plains Wind Farm is located approximately 25 miles southwest of Oklahoma City. The Project has an 8.3 m/s wind resource (at 93 meters) that is supported by a wind monitoring program with over 79 months of on-site data.